Harvest collection for Nourish Foodbank

Week commencing 13th October a group of sixth formers set out to increase the awareness of the devastating problem of hunger and the increase in the number of people who are facing this problem nationally and in our local area. It was shocking to learn how huge this problem really is and how much more help is needed. On Friday 17th October everyone was asked to donate at least one item of non-perishable food so that Tonbridge Grammar School could play its part  in helping those who need it most, with the help of ‘Nourish’ a food bank that provides food parcels for those in need in our local area. The response from the school was phenomenal, with many students bringing several items. This finally amounted to a huge amount of food that will really benefit a lot of local people. We would not have been able to make such a difference without the support of the whole school: it just shows what we can do as a community.

“We have just finished weighing all the food in....961.1kg!!!!!
This is an amazing result and the students of TGS should feel so proud of themselves.
I cannot begin to tell you how much of a difference this will make but if I were to use it for family bags it would fill 39, that equates to 195 people just from this donation alone!
This donation means that we can help to feed those who need it most in times of crisis”

Dawn Stanford

Operations Manager - Nourish Community Foodbank.