Taekwondo Bronze in Budapest

On Friday the 10th of October, Katie Moon from year 8 competed in the Mighty Fist ITF Taekwondo European Cup which took place in Budapest, Hungary. There were over 300 competitors from all over Europe and Israel. Competitors are divided in age, weight  and belt categories and compete against each other in Patterns and Sparring. Patterns is a designated set of offensive and defensive moves which are performed in strict order and judged on power and technique. Sparring is a bout of two rounds of two minutes and competitors score points for kicks and punches to the head and body.

This was Katie's first European competition representing her Taekwondo Association, Vision Taekwondo Academy. She was up against some very strong teams, especially from the Russian Federation, Bulgaria, Poland, Ireland, Hungary and Israel. She fought very hard and showed indomitable spirit by continuing to battle on and was successful in winning a Bronze medal in her category for sparring, being beaten by a formidable Russian black belt in the semi-finals.

It was an amazing experience and to win a medal at her first International competition was a fantastic achievement. Well done Katie, we are all proud of you.