TGS at Run or Dye

The Run Or Dye, which took place in the grounds of Hever Castle on October 4th was an amazing experience for the fifty plus TGS students who participated.

As people ran the 5km course, paint was thrown at them at various intervals. Colour was everywhere and as people ran it became harder to tell who was who! The event was based on the Holi colour festival, which is an ancient Hindu religious festival, which is now popular all over the world. The idea of the celebration is to spread colour and love but it also celebrates the beginning of Spring. It has now spread around the world, and many people decide to take part in this iconic race, either just for fun, or to help raise money for charity. All of the TGS students that took part thoroughly enjoyed the day and many colourful photos were taken!

After the race had been run, the day finished with a DJ blasting music whilst even more colour was thrown over the already vibrantly covered crowd as they danced along.

Although the rain eventually started, the enjoyment of the day was still clearly seen on everyone’s faces. It was a great end to an amazing day and with over 5000 people running the race in total, a large amount of money for charity was raised. Some TGS students volunteered at the event, and for every volunteer the organiser of the event donated £30 to the Blond McIndoe Research Foundation, which contributes massively to the research into wound healing and reconstructive surgery. Everybody that took part in the event had an extremely good day and now cannot wait till next year when it will all happen again!

“One of the best days of my life, I can’t wait till next year!” – Aimee Sullivan (member of the public who ran the race)
 “It was such an amazing opportunity helping out and for such a good cause” – Jack Price (Student at TGS who volunteered on the day)
 “I was so impressed by how many of our TGS students attended this event, they supported and encouraged each other every step of the way” – Mrs Twinam CAS Coordinator