FerMUN 2014

Seven TGS students travelled to Geneva to take part in the fourth FerMUN (Model United Nations) conference and the only bilingual conference of its type in the world. Six hundred students from approximately thirty schools took part in the conference, coming from countries as far reaching as Singapore and Saudi Arabia and each representing a Member State. This year TGS students represented Morocco.

During the conference students lobbied to develop resolutions to tackle climate change and then debated them as if in the UN. FerMUN is a bilingual conference and, as such, lobbying and debating took part in French and English. TGS students were able to operate in both languages but there we teams of translators and interpreters on hand to provide clarification during formal sessions. This year a student from each school was invited to present the school and MUN club. Hannah Coles addressed the six hundred and fifty attendees including the Interim Director General of the UN, Michael Moller, in French during the Opening Ceremony of the conference in Room XX of the United Nations Headquarters. The United Kingdom's ambassador at the UN, Karen Pierce, who sat next to Hannah throughout the ceremony said that she was very impressed with how clearly Hannah spoke and how brave she was to speak in her second language in front of so many people.

The students enjoyed the challenge of debating such important and relevant issues against peers from around the world and communicating in a formal capacity in two languages. We hope to return in 2015.