‘The Minotaur’ Proves a Success

Students in Year 8 and Year 9 undertook three performances of ‘The Minotaur’ last week with resounding success.  Based on the play by Neil Duffield, it tells the story of how Theseus managed to slay the minotaur through wit and intrigue. Although a traditional Greek myth, the present day version explores themes such as jealousy, revenge, sibling rivalry, fears and nightmares. Theseus is able to overcome the minotaur only once he has faced his inner demons.

There were some outstanding performances, including Rebecca Coote as Theseus, Jasmine Coomber as Daedalus, Cara Stoney as Medea and Rachel Sexton who played King Minos.

The first two performances took place outside, but the third was presented in the Drama Studio because of the imminent threat of rain!