10 to 6 Event 2013

An interactive journey that takes you on an adventure though the life of the Sixth Form at TGS!

Step into a 6th form student’s shoes, armed with the willingness to learn, and come face-to-face with some of the most interesting features of the 6th form at TGS. Featuring exclusive lesson sequences with TGS staff and packed with great ideas, this experience is fun for parents and students alike.

After a very successful launch last year, we are once again offering a programme of  '10 to 6' events for Year 10 students and their parents and carers. Our aim is to relieve the pressure on what is a busy autumn term for our girls starting Year 11. The events will provide information and guidance to enable our Year 10 girls to prepare for the transition to the Sixth Form and start thinking about applying for university.

The '10 to 6' guidance programme will run from Monday 17th to Friday 21st June 2013. The programme will start with students attending ‘taster lessons’ of a range of subjects to gain hands-on experience of our distinctive 6th form courses. Alongside the lessons, CXK (formerly Connexions) will be running a session during the day on decision-making strategies to help inform our students’ choices for the next important stage in their education.

On Wednesday 19th June we will be hosting an evening ‘10 to 6’ event to which you and your daughter are very warmly invited. The evening will start at 10 minutes to 6 (5.50pm) with a complimentary barbecue on the green by the flag pole. This will give you an opportunity to meet informally with staff, students and other Year 10 families and take you to the heart of the learning, social, cultural and community experience for our sixth formers.

From 6.30pm a number of strands will run throughout the evening.

For students there will be:

  • Café style informal chats with current students in our relaxing Music Café over light refreshments.
  • Chat to TGS Alumni about their experiences in the 6th form at TGS as a preparation for University.
  • Experience of some of the unique features of life here in the 6th Form.

For parents and students there will be:

  • Opportunities to find out about what it’s actually like in the 6th form.
  • Opportunities to ask ‘What is UCAS?’ ‘How is Oxbridge catered for?’ ‘Can I learn abroad?’
  • Meet university admissions tutors including representatives from St Hugh’s College Oxford, Kent University, King’s College London and the University of South Florida.
  • We also have a talk from “Inspire Worldwide”, a non-profit organisation. Following successful volunteer projects in Swaziland in which TGS students have been involved, a group of our students will be working in Malawi on a community project this July and in 2014 we will have a similar group of student volunteers working in Africa or Asia with this company.

Designed specifically for parents there will be:

  • Opportunities to sign up for an interactive activity to sample for yourself the learning experience with taster sessions for parents which will demystify Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and some of our most popular 6th form only experiences – Psychology, Economics, and Philosophy.
  • Opportunities to sign up for an interactive learning experience in those less familiar subjects that we offer such as Film, Sports Science and Environmental Systems & Societies.

In addition, there will be ongoing drop-in taster lessons for both students and parents in other sixth form subjects. Also find out about ‘ab initio’ languages.

If you would like to find out more about the Diploma Programme, the IB section of our website contains current course information and outlines how the curriculum is structured for Diploma students. The IBO website www.ibo.org also has a large amount of information.

We are looking forward to seeing you at this event and hope you will be able to join us and learn more about the next stage of your daughter’s educational development here. Please contact the office by Thursday 13th June if you wish to attend.