Barnardo's National Choir Competition DVD

Dear Tonbridge Grammar School,

Congratulations once again upon your school choir winning the finals of the Barnardo's National Choir competition, and upon their excellent performance at The Barbican Centre on 4th March this year!

We'd like to remind you that DVDs of this wonderful event are now available, featuring every choir's performance, for you and your students' families to buy. I have attached an order form which we'd be very grateful if you would pass on to all of the performers, so that their families have the opportunity to enjoy a fabulous record of their day.

DVDs can also be ordered online through our web shop:

Many thanks, and once again congratulations upon being part of a wonderful concert!

Yours truly,

Mrs Ruth Rae

Office Manager
Black Swan Film & Video

Motet Choir, Barbican 2013

Motet Choir, Barbican 2013