Year 9 Arts Showcase Review

The Year 9 Arts Showcase is now a well-established part of the Arts calendar at TGS. This year’s Showcase took place on Tuesday 12th February in the school’s Mitchener Hall. All work in the Showcase was inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. All Arts subjects were involved with students producing fabulous 3D work in their Art lessons including large sweets, TV screens, hats and other properties for use in performance. Drama lessons have involved producing scripts and bringing them to life through performance, with each of the six split groups allocated a section of the book.

The whole Charlie story was acted and performed with a real sense of enjoyment. Dance lessons have resulted in each form choreographing and performing a dance sequence inspired by music from the film or associated with the story. These were highly organised and polished performances involving the whole year group. In addition the Year 9 Dance Club produced two excellent performances and students performed their own song compositions inspired by themes from the book. The event culminated in a sung performance of Candyman from the first Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film with all 150 year 9 students participating as singers or in the band.