Former Music GTP at TGS and X Factor 2013 contestant Andrea Magee


Former Music GTP at TGS and X Factor 2013 contestant Andrea Magee is very excited to announce the release of her debut single Any Minute Now in conjunction with BBC's Children in Need campaign. Andrea has always worked closely with young people with special needs and has decided that this is the perfect way to release her first single. This song received a lot of interest and attention after its debut performance on our screens when she sang it to the X factor celebrity panel of judges, with comments such as "Please tell me where I can buy this" from Nicole Scherzinger and acclaimed songwriter Gary Barlow saying "This is a great song that had me hooked from the start".


Andrea is delighted that this song can be put to good use and would love your support. This campaign will run from Friday 25th October - Friday 15th November, with the song being available to download from iTunes from these dates. Andrea really hopes that with your help her song will achieve a healthy donation to Children In Need.

Tonbridge Grammar School PTA are holding their annual winter fundraising event on Sunday 17th November and are happy to announce that Andrea will be performing her new single which officially supports the BBC children in need campaign .