Year 12 Psychology visit to Neurology Centre at UCL

The Year 12 Psychology visit to University College London was very enjoyable and impressive; we had the amazing opportunity to have a guided tour of the Neurology Centre. The researchers showed us an MEG and MRI (fMRI) scanner as well as giving a full explanation of their purpose and way they function. This allowed us to understand exactly what we had learned in our Psychology lessons, because we could see them in practice as well as see the software used and real examples of the imaging technology. We watched a person in the MEG scanner and saw live data being transmitted to a nearby computer where we were explained what was happening. The same happened with the MRI machine where we learnt how doctors and psychologists use this hardware to run tests and analysis on their patients. During this visit they used a pineapple to show us the structural aspect of how an MRI works, alongside previously taken brain scans in both an MRI and fMRI format. Learning the ways the analysts controlled and viewed the different types of data was very interesting, not to mention useful, because we could experience first hand what we had learnt in lessons.

Lucie, Year 12

Lessons from Auschwitz 2017

Last month, two Year 12 students, Lydia and Florence took part in a day trip to the former Nazi extermination camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau, close to the town of Oświęcim in Poland which was organised by the Holocaust Educational Trust.

Once we had arrived in Poland, following a very early start, we visited the town of Oświęcim. As a consequence of the Holocaust, the population of this town was reduced from 12,000 in 1939 to 5,000 in 1945. This statistic, in conjunction with the town's sombre and almost haunting atmosphere, allowed us to begin to comprehend the enormity of the Holocaust's impact. Having established a greater contextual understanding of the Holocaust and pre-war Jewish life, we moved on to the Auschwitz memorial and museum. What struck me the most was the newest exhibition, in which drawings by children who had been imprisoned in the camp were exhibited. This was particularly moving, and served to re-humanise the Holocaust, in a way the figures alone cannot. Following this we visited the second part of the Auschwitz facility, 'Birkenau', which was, for me, the most thought-provoking part of the day. This camp was much larger than Auschwitz 1 and so the enormity and mechanical nature of the Holocaust was reinforced. The day came to a close with a memorial ceremony, which allowed us to reflect upon the unimaginable horrors of 75 years ago. Despite the day being both moving and shocking, it allowed me to gain a much greater understanding of the Holocaust, in a way you cannot fully comprehend through just reading about it.

Lydia, Year 12

Anti-Bullying week at TGS

In celebration of Anti Bullying Week, the students of TGS took part in an activity to decorate umbrellas with messages of kindness.  Each umbrella was in the colour of a different TGS House and the little messages were pinned by safety clip to the umbrellas.  Students of all year groups took part and the activity was coordinated by our 6th Form SAFE team.  Students also marked World Kindness Day by giving a friend a compliments card and a sweet to say something kind to them.  This was a heartfelt activity enjoyed by all!


The Legendary Winter Hamper Raffle!

The TGS PTA are once again organising the Great Hamper Raffle in conjunction with The Winter Fair, which will be held on the 10th December, 2017.
Last year the raffle raised over £1,800 for the school and we are hoping to beat that figure this year.

All pupils will receive a booklet of 5 raffle tickets for you to purchase. Each ticket is £2.

This year there will be a prize for the Learning Community that sells the most tickets. Extra tickets can be obtained from the school reception, so please sell to family, friends & colleagues and dont forget 100% of the funds raised goes back into the school.

The draw will take place at 3pm on the 10th December at The Winter Fair. Winners not present will be notified via phone.

For more information please visit