A Thanksgiving for Miss Barbara Mitchener, Headmistress 1974-1990

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At Tonbridge Grammar School on Tuesday 6 November 2018

3pm to 5pm

RSVP is essential please (please use the form below).

Please also use the RSVP form to share memories of Miss Mitchener, even if you are unable to attend.

Miss Barbara Mitchener passed away on 26 August 2018. Friend Audrey, sister Pauline, and Rosemary Joyce gave moving eulogies at her funeral in Skipton on 11 September and tributes and memories received so far from our TGS community were shared.

Our thanksgiving in the Mitchener Hall will be a celebration of Miss Mitchener’s life and service to the School. We invite you to bring along photographs and memorabilia to share over a cup of tea and cake.

On the day

Parking and Shuttle bus: If this is your first visit for some years you will need to be aware that the school entrance is at the top of Deakin Leas and parking spaces are few relative to our daily needs. We are limited to offering spaces at the School for disabled drivers only booked on the RSVP. We are grateful to the Vauxhall Inn TN11 0NA for offering parking for our minibus shuttle service and recommend the Inn for guests arriving together to meet for lunch or supper perhaps.

Photography: We may take photographs at this event that we would like to share with our school community including: school and alumni websites and print publications.


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