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Supporting Careers in STEAM

The world around us is progressively becoming driven by science and technology. Data clearly shows the growth of STEAM-related careers.

The TGS careers programme is designed to encourage and inspire students interested in STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics), throughout their school journey in lessons and beyond. For example, we regularly welcome STEAM-related speakers and hold STEAM week (Year 8).

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I have always really enjoyed DT, I took it for both GCSE and IB, as it was a chance to get creative and solve problems, and my interest in engineering grew from there. I found that that it was different to traditional subjects like maths or physics. In subjects like those, your focus is solely on the subject, whilst in engineering you have the opportunity to use that knowledge to create something. I have learnt that everything around us is created by engineers, that they have power, and the responsibility, to benefit society and people’s lives.

TGS have been incredibly helpful in my path to discovering that I wanted to do engineering. Teachers are more than ready to sit and talk with you, recommend books and podcasts, as well as make sure your personal statement really shines. There are always so many interesting lectures and talks going on, that get you really excited about all the things that you might be able to get the chance to do in a few years. Their encouragement and support, especially as a young woman going into STEM, has been much appreciated.

I would recommend that you have a look at which type of engineering you might be interested in – there are so many different fields that you will definitely find one that suits you best. However, don’t worry if you are still unsure! So many universities offer general engineering courses, so you’ll have chance to try a bit of everything before you specialise. There is a lot of science and maths involved in getting there which can be quite difficult (but once you learn all that you can start making all the really cool stuff!). I would also recommend that start having a look around you – start thinking about how things are made – try taking things apart and putting them back together again (with your parents’ permission of course!). Overall, engineering is a field that holds so many opportunities so find what excites you!”

— Cora, Year 13, who is pursing a career in Engineering

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