Supporting Oxbridge Applications

TGS students have a strong history of success with Oxbridge applications.

Our experienced team have an in-depth understanding of the specific nature of the Oxbridge application and interview process and have created a programme of bespoke support for Oxbridge candidates. Specific support that is provided in weekly sessions includes:

  • Talks by visiting admissions tutors, providing invaluable tips and advice about the application process, what to expect at interview and how to prepare.

  • Opportunities to communicate with ex-TGS students who have been successful at Oxbridge interview, either face-to-face, via email, or through our database of interview reports which includes banks of interview questions which past applicants have faced.

  • Interview preparation workshops.

  • Mock interviews, that are designed to replicate the Oxbridge application process. 

  • A forum for discussion with staff and other Oxbridge applicants.

Skills that are recognized as a key enabler to success in the Oxbridge application process are carefully woven into the TGS curriculum and enrichment programme.  For example, to further develop in-depth discussion skills students have the opportunity to hear a wide variety of speakers including eminent professionals such as surgeons, lawyers, politicians and even Nobel Prize winners.  There are also opportunities to speak in our debate clubs and take part in bar mock trials at MUNGA.

Oxbridge News

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