Windows XP & Office 2003 Ended April 8th, 2014

End-of-support means no more patches, no more security updates, no more technical support from Microsoft itself. 

The discontinuation of security patches is the most damaging part of the ending of support for Windows XP. New attacks are constantly developed but Windows XP will no longer be receiving patches to counteract security exploits. The operating system’s security will degrade very quickly.
Microsoft will also stop providing Microsoft Security Essentials for download on Windows XP but they will continue to push the Malicious Software Removal Tool to XP machines until July 2015.

To keep using Windows XP for now, please install either Google’s Chrome browser or Mozilla’s Firefox both are continuing to be updated for Windows XP. Please install an anti-virus system, such as Avast or AVG and make sure these are kept up to date.

Microsoft are advising upgrading Windows XP systems to later versions of Windows details can be found here.

The school’s web portal will no longer function correctly with Windows XP running Internet Explorer.