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Visit from Dr Stephen Law sparked 'mind-expanding philosophical discussions' among students

We were lucky enough to be visited by philosopher Dr Stephen Law (Hythrop College, University of London) who spoke to the Sixth Form about morality and the self. His visit sparked extensive philosophical discussion among all who attended. 

The afternoon began with a lunchtime session on the nature of the self, what and where the soul is, and the achievability of resurrection. This topic is part of the core theme of IB Philosophy, and his unique insight and examples gave us a broader understanding of the concept and expanded our ability to analyse different ideas. Each theory was linked back to the example of Freaky Friday, exemplifying the skill of thinking philosophically about everything, which is key to our course. 

Now unsure who we were, or if we were even the same people who attended the lunchtime session, it was time for the next talk. Also part of our IB course, Dr Law discussed whether morality is inherent within man or sent from God, and how we should respond to the moral code of other cultures when it differs from our own. Many original and compelling points were raised, and this talk made me examine how I approach my own moral code and question why I believe what I do. 

Having the privilege to engage with new and challenging ideas to enrich our learning was an invaluable experience we are all grateful to have been offered; even if now we don't know who we are, what we are, or how we should act. These mind-expanding presentations have enriched our philosophical learning and are an opportunity we are glad to have received. 

Annabelle, Year 12