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Team Quadrifolium, that included Aditi and Soha in Year 12, won third place in the BIEA International 2021 STEM Youth Innovation Competition. 

The theme of the competition was “RePack to Restore Our World" and it incorporated the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and COP26 mission.  The team was challenged to investigate the plastic pollution crisis and develop sustainable food packaging for school and workplace lunches both on a local and international level. 

The students explain more: 

In the first round, we had to produce a research report, prototype designs, and experiments on our creations. Our design was based on practicality, and using biodegradable materials: sugar-cane bagasse, tapioca starch, seaweed, and bamboo. 

We were so thrilled to be shortlisted amongst the 43 finalists from 16 countries. 

Then there was an international round where we had to do a presentation on our design in front of a judging panel followed by a Q&A session with them. We acquired the third prize in this international round! 

The designs and prototypes submitted by fellow competitors were amazing, we bet all participants gave the toughest task to the judges to shortlist. 

The overall experience was fun but at the same time challenging. We had our GCSE mocks during the first rounds, and we were also in lockdown. Looking back, I think we managed it quite well. The lockdown and exam period didn’t stop us, we divided the tasks so we could manage individually and then integrate when we met in schools during lunchtimes. We had a lot of fun during the experimentation/testing process catching up in gardens briefing each other about the success and failures of the process. 

A big thank you to BIEA for giving us this opportunity. 

“I am looking forward to helping the school STEM department. I also want to further investigate plastic pollution and find ways to reuse and recycle single use plastic. 

— Aditi, Year 12

“I look forward to making a mark in the world regarding the use of non-plastic packaging. I ensure I am mindful whenever I use certain products, judging whether they are environmentally friendly. 

— Soha, Year 12

“The students showed great initiative organising themselves, developing their ideas and entering the competition all during the national lockdown.  Mr McDaid 

— Mr McDaid

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