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Year 10 DT students learn about batch production

In Design Technology lessons, we have been learning about batch production by working together as a team to make lavender bags. Our class decided to split up the different roles between everyone which definitely made the whole process very quick and efficient.  

We had a Production Manager who ensured everyone was working efficiently, and manufacture continued without a break. We also had two Quality Control Managers to make sure that all items being made were of a high standard.

Some people chose to separate the dried lavender that Mrs Ryde brought in and picked the buds from the cut off branches and sorted that into one box and the branches into another. Whilst this was happening, everyone who did not have a job to do went to the donated fabric boxes and picked two suitable fabrics, one for a large bag and the other for a smaller one. The variety of colours and patterns that were available to us definitely gave everyone a really good outcome.

Another job was to cut the pieces of fabric as precisely as possible and pin them right sides together. After that, some people volunteered to carefully sew all the bags making sure to follow the guidelines given by the pinners.

Then, the half-sewn bags were passed onto the stuffers whose job was to turn it back the correct way round and then take the stuffing which they had infused with the lavender buds and fill the bags with it.

The Quality Control Managers kept an eye on the stuffers to make sure each bag was filled appropriately, and the corners of the bags were pushed out to ensure the product was top quality.

This was then again passed onto the sewers who sewed the top of the bag shut.

After this, everyone then was able to go select a ribbon of their choice to tie their lavender bags together which completed the product!

Overall, we all enjoyed working together in a team as everyone found it fun, and it really helped us to see what manufacturing on a large scale was really like. And gave us all a lovely gift to give to a loved one at Christmas! 

Anika, Year 10  

Thank you so much for this opportunity, the entire class enjoyed it a lot and we loved the end results!


I was so pleased that the students loved this interactive way of teaching about production methods and loved the end results -worth saving my lavender

mrs ryde, teacher of design & technology 

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