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A visit from Mary FitzPatrick, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Rolls-Royce

We were very fortunate to welcome Mary FitzPatrick, who is Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Rolls-Royce, to School on 2 December. Mary was incredibly generous with her time and ran two seminars with Year 12 students as well as a lunchtime Q & A session with Year 11 and 13 students on Inclusion and Diversity.  

Mary started her career as a journalist before joining the BBC as a researcher where she became a documentary producer and director. Later she moved into Diversity and Inclusion first for Channel 4, before becoming the on-screen Diversity executive for the BBC. Her sessions were very interactive and focused predominantly on issues around Inclusion. Students enjoyed participating in the sessions and appreciated her candid and warm approach to this complex issue.  

  I enjoyed the Q&A session, and how she was open to answer any possible questions we may have had about diversity and inclusivity. It made me feel more accepted and confident about my rights in society. 

Alice, Year 12. 

She was up-to-date with current affairs which are facing marginalised groups in the UK. She answered all her questions flawlessly and smoothly despite at times bringing up anecdotes from her personal life that still reflected and linked to the question being asked.

Suleiman Year 12. 

Best speaker I have experienced at TGS so far. 

Ruby Yr 12. 

It was very interactive with questions and she used a good combination of work-related knowledge as well as personal experience to answer them. 

Nivedita, Year 12.

Loved her engagement, humour and balance of speaking content to question ratio. Also enjoyed the smaller groups and more informal set up as felt like we had more opportunity to put across our ideas. 

Ruby Year 12. 

I particularly liked how Mrs FitzPatrick talked about her previous roles and what it included, especially about the BBC. 

Charlotte Year 12. 

Mary's eloquence on such a complex issue was enthralling and inspirational and I am very grateful for her generosity and thoughtfulness with our students.