Neighbours of Tonbridge Grammar School

Dear Neighbour,

Tonbridge Grammar School would like to ensure that those surrounding the School are kept up to date with what is happening on the site. This page will also offer the local residents ease of access to contact the School, building a stronger local community.

Notification of Upcoming Events

Saturday 8th September - Out of County Kent Tests

As in previous years, there will be Out of County tests taking place this coming Saturday.  These are organised and managed by KCC, but the School is required to host them.

KCC have sent clear instructions requesting parents do not arrive before 08:00hrs, but previous experience has shown that many will arrive earlier than this to ensure they are not late. 

In order to try and mitigate potential disturbance as best we can, we will open the wooden gate at 07.45hrs to ensure invigilators can access the site, and the automated gates will be open for parents to drive in from 08.00hrs.  While this is still early, we feel it is better to have cars waiting on our site, rather than outside residents’ houses/driveways on Deakin Leas.

Parents are encouraged to leave site during the tests, and will be returning at 13.30hrs to collect students.

We have cancelled our usual Saturday Open University letting to reflect this increased activity.

Contact DetailS

To ensure that your queries are seen to as quickly as possible, please contact Jeremy Kenyon.
Telephone: 01732 365125 ext 268