The School is pleased to announce the start of a new scheme to help support the uptake and development of learning of ‘Endangered Species’ musical instruments, of which there is a national shortage among young people.

Funding is provided by Arts Council England through the Kent Soundhub to promote innovation and excellence in music education. This includes working with professional artists and arts organisations to broaden the in-school and out-of-school education experience.

We are offering a free trial series of lessons with a free instrument, starting in January 2019 for up to ten students. As with all instruments hired by the school you will need to confirm your household insurance would cover the instrument in your possession, and you must return it after the trial in good order if you do not continue with it. If you are selected to participate in this trial, you will receive 5 X 30 minute lessons during the school day on a rota. The cost of these lessons would be £87.50 at the current school rates.

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