Music in Years 10 - 11

Perhaps you are a singer or a violinist? Or maybe you play the drums in a Thrash-Metal or Reggae band? Either way Music at GCSE could be the one for you.

Music at GCSE gives you a chance to perform solos and in groups. You can compose pieces for you and your friends to perform. Your piece might be a Classical dance or folk-rock song, or inspired by an Indian Raga. Sibelius and Logic Pro X music software are used for scoring and recording.

You get to know twelve great pieces of music from Miles Davis jazz tunes to pieces by Mozart and Handel and rock classics by Jeff Buckley.

As always there are plenty of extra opportunities like the LCO workshops for singers and instrumentalists and organising your House Music Competition entries.

Students in Years 10-11 can opt for GCSE Music (Edexcel). Numbers are the highest in the last 10 years, well above the national average. Students perform solos regularly in school and outside at other local venues, churches and festivals. Group performances also take place in school concerts and inMusic competitions. Set works are studied (as well as regularly performed), to prepare them for further musical academic work in the Sixth Form. 

Alternatively students can opt for a CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) Music programme for 2 hours per fortnight. 

Events and opportunities for students in Years 10–11

  • Informal Concerts in to help build communication and confidence skills and perform Music GCSE coursework
  • LCO Music Junction—see here for selected instrumentalists (Years 8–12)
  • St Cecilia Concert for co-curricular groups
  • Spring Concert for co-curricular groups
  • Foundation Day for co-curricular groups
  • Open/Alumni events
  • GCSE Music students are expected to play leadership roles within the department and have duties such as monitoring the booking and use of practice rooms
  • House Music Prefect