Code of Practice

Private Music Tuition at Tonbridge Grammar School
Terms and conditions

The School will:

  • Provide appropriate facilities for private tuition
  • Appoint suitably qualified and/or experienced music tutors on a self-employed independent contractual basis
  • Monitor standards of tuition as regarding quality and consistency
  • Help administer tuition timetables so as to minimise disruption of subject lessons within the school day
  • Maintain insurance cover appropriate to the risks to students and music tuition staff
  • Review fees annually based upon the recommendations of the I.S.M. and taking account of the national recommendations for teaching staff.  Any adjustments would normally be made on 1st September each year.
  • Provide a formal agreement of the terms and conditions under which music tuition may take place on the school premises
  • Support instrumental staff to help ensure prompt payment for tuition
  • Not be liable to the tutor for loss, damage or injury to the tutor or the tutor’s property unless due to negligence.

The Music Tutor will:

  • Give regular lessons in accordance with the agreed schedule (usually one 30 minute lesson per week, and 30 lessons per annum)
  • Ensure that lessons are punctual (both starting and finishing) and rotated throughout the school day (wherever possible)
  • Help and encourage all students to make appropriate musical progress
  • Work within the administrative guidelines and regulations required by the school
  • Maintain appropriate records of tuition, including the regular assessment of students.  The student planner system will be used to record lesson times for all students.
  • Report to parents in accordance with the school’s current policies.
  • Complete a weekly attendance record and Profile of lessons as required by the Subject Leader for Music and Performance in accordance with school policy on assessment.
  • This profile will be made available to parents at the end of the course of lessons.
  • The teacher will not enter the Student for an examination or competition or concert without the Student’s consent or the consent of the signatory to this form.
  • Seek the approval of the Subject Leader for the substitution of an alternative qualified tutor or delegation of any duty or notification of any exceptional arrangements.
  • Ensure that no tuition takes place unless a) a formal agreement exists between staff and parents b) a formal agreement exists between staff and the school.
  • A lesson may be cancelled by the Teacher but in such circumstances the Teacher shall arrange to carry the lessons forward to a mutually convenient date, refund the appropriate fee or in extremis arrange for another suitably qualified and competent teacher replacement (subject to agreement by the school)
  • Report immediately to the Subject Leader any problems affecting the tuition of a student that is preventing the reasonable progress of that student.
  • Accept payment for music tuition on the basis of an independent contractor and ensure that Inland Revenue tax and National Insurance obligations are met
  • Give at least five lessons notice of termination of tuition in writing to the Subject Leader.

Parents will:

  • Ensure that a student attends lessons with the required instrument/music etc.
  • Ensure that fees are paid promptly by the second lesson of any course of lessons
  • Support and encourage the student to practice in accordance with the recommendations of the tutor
  • Provide suitable conditions for regular practice
  • Pay examination fees and (where necessary) the provision of an accompanist for an examination
  • Parents will not enter the Student for an examination or competition or concert without the teacher’s consent
  • Support and encourage the student to complete any theoretical work set by the tutor
  • Inform the Subject Leader of any difficulties that may affect the progress of the student (including any health difficulties)
  • Ensure that instruments are properly maintained and cared for (Hired instruments should be kept in good order – parents are responsible for new strings, reeds, damage repair etc)
  • Ensure that students will be receiving tuition exclusively from the TGS tutor(s) as arranged by the Subject Leader
  • Notice to discontinue lessons must be given IN WRITING to the Subject Leader by half term to take effect at the end of term or course of 10 lessons (whichever is the sooner) and failure on the part of the Student or signatory to this form will render the same liable for a FURTHER term’s fees (i.e. 10 lessons) in lieu of adequate notice.  Teachers may also give notice to students under the same conditions.  Please note that notice cannot be given at the end of a term to take effect at half term.
  • Pay for lessons missed through the Student’s non-attendance, unless the circumstances warrant a special concession at the discretion of the Teacher

Students will:

  • Attend tuition at the correct time and place – checking the published timetable in addition to the information in planners
  • Bring to the music lesson the appropriate instrument and any books as required
  • Report to the Subject Leader any problems affecting tuition
  • Practice in accordance with the guidance of the tutor & complete any theoretical work set by the tutor
  • Students must observe the Rules and Regulations laid down by TGS from time to time in relation to the administration of the instrumental lessons arranged on the school premises – this includes checking the timetable prior to each lesson
  • Attend an appropriate school ensemble if so advised by the tutor in consultation with the Subject Leader.