Music in the Sixth Form

Everyone can be involved in Music in the Sixth Form. You might choose to be a part of the Group 6 IB Music cohort or you may just be using your musical skills as part of the CAS programme. Either way, there are numerous ways of being part of the scene.

IB Music continues your expand your musical horizons. At Higher Level you compose, perform and analyse set works. You also write a project comparing links between different musical styles. At Standard Level you chose to develop your abilities as a performer or composer.

There are lots of possible ways music can contribute to your CAS activities and add richness to your UCAS and personal statement. Why not try running a choir or group? Be a part of the award-winning Motet Choir and sing at major London venues like St Paul's Cathedral.

Music in the IB Diploma Programme

Year 12 and 13 students can take Music as part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Higher Level is suitable for those interested in Music as a career or those with a strong interest in the subject while Standard is aimed at strong performers or composers: students choose one of the two disciplines.

In a Listening Exam students are played extracts of pieces from the Western Classical tradition, World and Popular music and comment on features that they have studied. There are two set-works by Bach and the Hungarian composer Kodàly. 

For their Performing coursework, students perform 20 minutes of music as a soloist with accompaniment. This can be recorded throughout the course. Creating coursework also allows students to compose three pieces of music each lasting around 3 minutes. Students can also submit arrangements and a technical exercise.

The Musical Links Investigation is an essay or media script of 1200-1500 words comparing music features of two different musical styles. 

Higher Level Music
Performing 25% 
Creating 25%
Listening 30%
Musical Links Investigation 20% 

Standard Level Music candidates opt for either Performing or Composing

Standard Level Music
Performing or Composing 50%
Listening 30% 
Musical Links Investigation 20% 


All IB students take on Creative, Action and Service activities as part of their diploma. Music plays a vital role in this, as students learn instruments, teach each-other skills and take an active role in the Music Co-Curriculum.

Events and opportunities for IB students

  • Informal Concerts in to help build communication and confidence skills and perform Music coursework
  • LCO Music Junction—see website for selected instrumentalists (Years 8-12)
  • St Cecilia Concert for co-curricular groups
  • Spring Concert for co-curricular groups
  • Foundation Day for co-curricular groups
  • Open/Alumni events
  • IB Music students are expected to play leadership roles within the department and have duties managing and running events, helping at Concerts and performing at all school events