Music in Years 7–9

Do you like funky drum-beats and catchy bass lines? Perhaps you prefer the sound of a full symphony orchestra playing Beethoven? Either way term one of Year 7 is going to get you tapping your feet and clapping your hands. Itís all about RHYTHM and the other elements that make up all types of music.

Over the next two years you travel to Indonesia, Brazil and India. We sing the Blues and compose Minuets. Music Technology also plays a big part as we compose scores for horror films and write music for Moody Monks. In Year 9 you make choices about styles that you like: Remixes and Music for TV Adverts. There is lots of singing too, and over ten extra-curricular groups to come and try.

All students study Music for three years. Lively practical units alternate with Music Technology using state-of-the-art studio programmes and notation software. Students explore the musical elements via wide range of musical styles from Beethoven’s Ode to Joy in Year 7 to the Blues in Year 8 and Songwriting in Year 9. Students sing and play instruments in practical units where team-work is expected. 

Students are able to bring in their own instruments into the classroom and all are encouraged to develop a confident and creative musical outlook as they explore concepts such as communication and aesthetics in music. 

This year, all Year 7 students will perform at Tonbridge School Chapel in the Spring Concert on 26 April 2017 as a choir of 180!

Curriculum in detail

Students work through four units in each year and focus on a concept-based curriculum. This will allow more time to focus on depth and focusing on our four main MYP concepts:

Communication: TGS Music believes in whole-class singing and performing, group-work and non-assessed practical activities to help build students’ confidence. In Years 7 and 8 all learn and perform songs that can are performed in assembly to keep music-making at the ‘heart of the school’. 

Change: We address new technologies and opportunities arising from the new LOGIC software. Allstudents will be taught how to use Logic. This will build students confidence with music and technology which can be extended through the use of the studio

Identity: Students in each year will work towards regular performances to develop their own sense of identity. This year we are introducing a new Year 9 Music Showcase event in January 2017 where each class will prepare a song, and small groups and individuals will perform. This will be a competitive event with an adjudication.

Aesthetics: Each unit has clear parameters for success and clear expectations of quality building bridges between the curriculum and the co-curriculum. All Year 7s will perform in the Spring Concert to make students aware of the opportunities, structured groups and progression.

Events and opportunities for MYP students in Years 7-9

  • Tea Concerts in November and May to help build communication and confidence skills
  • LCO Music Junction Flashmob – whole year-group performance on Wednesday 2 November 2016 —Simple Gifts—or Lord of the Dance which all Year 7s will learn
  • St Cecilia Concert for co-curricular groups
  • Spring Concert for all Year 7 students/co-curricular groups
  • Foundation Day for co-curricular groups
  • World Music Day in July 2017
  • LCO Music Junction for selected G&T students (years 8–12)
  • Years 7–9 Band workshops
  • Open/Alumni events