Thanksgiving for Miss Barbara Mitchener, Headmistress 1974-1990, Tuesday 6 November 3pm to 5pm

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Consents from parents and carers

The School is hosting a Thanksgiving Service on Tuesday 6 November for Miss Barbara Mitchener who passed away in August this year. I would very much like your child, as a member of Mitchener House, to take part in the service. There will be a variety of roles including hosting guests, musical performances, reading, making cakes and serving tea.  I am also delighted that the TGS brass band, the TGS chamber ensemble and student soloists will provide the music for the service.

We look forward to welcoming back to school many of Miss Michener’s staff colleagues and her students and some will have an active role in the order of service. 

I very much hope that as many members of Mitchener House as possible will be able to participate in the event.  Mitchener House student leaders and students in years 7 and 8 in learning groups M1 and M2 have hosting roles until 5pm. Students in Years 9 to 13 will be able to leave school after the service - we anticipate this will be latest 4.30pm.  All students are very welcome to stay to the end of the event at 5pm. Musicians are asked to return their consents directly to Mr Hayward.

 To prepare for the service there will be Mitchener House assemblies on Monday 29 October and Monday 5 November.

 Request for tray bakes and tea biscuits

We would really like to make the event a community affair and we would therefore be extremely grateful for offers of cup-cakes and tray-bakes and tea biscuits made by our students. Please deliver your cakes and biscuits, clearly labelled to the Arnold Room on Monday 5 November.

 If families or students from other Houses (including TGS alumni) would like to attend the memorial service, please contact the School Office.

 If you have any questions regarding any of the above arrangements, please contact the School Office by email


Consents from parents and carers - A thanksgiving for Miss Barbara Mitchener
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Student Name
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Please let us know if you would like to bake cakes, or other tea offerings: delivery to the Arnold Room on Monday 5 November