TGS Library

Welcome to the Library, we hope you have noticed and benefited from the ongoing changes in this part of the school. We have been working to rebuild the book collection and to make the environment conducive to quiet reading and study.

We have lot of plans over the coming months including:

  • continuing to add new titles to both the fiction and non-fiction,

  • using the Booksearch (see video below) platform to alert you to the sources available to you in your various subject areas,

  • working with teaching staff to embed research and information literacy skills into the curriculum,

  • continuing with our program of visiting authors,

  • developing a strong ‘shelf help’ collection and

  • working to create a reading culture at TGS for all students.


When in school, Booksearch can be accessed via the icon on your desktop. It is also available through the student information link on the Portal or at

The Library Charter details the services provided by, and the behaviour expected in, the TGS library. Please ensure that you are familiar with it.

For more help using Booksearch, finding things to read, carrying out research or questions about academic honesty please get in touch by coming to speak to the Librarian or emailing