GCSE Latin involves a systematic study of the Latin language as well as reading selections of literature by Roman authors. Previous GCSE literature selections have included Virgilís account of Didoís doomed love affair and subsequent suicide, Plinyís letter describing the eruption of Vesuvius and the Druidsí practices of human sacrifice. There is also a ìbackgroundî topic which teaches you about the society of the Roman world and puts your language studies into context.

The GCSE Latin course provides you with a varied educational experience; the language elements of the course encourage clear thinking and logical problem-solving, the literature elements encourage interpretation and creativity, and the background topic encourages an enthusiasm for the personalities, ideas and achievements of the ancient world.

Studying Latin creates a broader perspective on the cultural and linguistic heritage of Europe, and engenders a systematic approach to grammar and meaning in all languages, including English. Latin enables you to develop a deeper understanding of todayís issues through the discussion of ideas prevalent in classical times and their influence on modern civilisation.