All girls take GCSE in 1 or 2 languages from French Latin or Spanish. The examination tests your ability to read and listen for detailed understanding of specified topic areas. You are taught to develop spoken and written fluency to a highly proficient conversational standard. 

Over the 2 year course we focus on improving your range of expressions, widening your use of vocabulary and consolidating your knowledge and understanding of grammar. You are encouraged to use a variety of tenses when you speak and write so that you can convincingly describe personal events and have an informal conversation with increasing fluency.  

The topics common to all languages are personal and social life, the world of work, home life and environment, tourism and life in other countries. The skills you develop provide an excellent foundation for languages in the sixth form. You have introductory tasters of film, literature and culture. We also offer a wealth of opportunities which enrich your learning such as: educational exchange visits with partner schools in France and Spain, and cultural visits to Paris and Cantabria.