Modern European Languages

You learn languages throughout your time at TGS. We believe that being proficient in a foreign language helps you to develop self-confidence and to think logically. Learning a language equips you with a range of life skills most notably to communicate more effectively with others and to better understand different cultures.  

We are committed to making your experience of language learning highly active and lots of fun. Whatever language you are studying it is spoken routinely throughout all lessons to help you to become accustomed to hearing it spoken at natural speed and for a real life purpose. We place importance on developing your knowledge of how the grammar works to underpin your increasing skill and accuracy.  

Using your language skills for real life communication starts straight away. We have pen friend links with our partner schools abroad.

You have the opportunity to research, write and speak in specific styles such as a blog, an email, an informal/informal letter, a film poster or cartoon strip. We publish a termly International Newsletter and take part in the UK Linguistic Olympiads.