Foldr for your devices


Foldr App - Any file, any time, anywhere and on any device

Easily access all of your school files on your own computer or device with an advanced web app, using WebDAV or use the free apps for iOS & Android. Work where you want, how you want. You only need to remember your school username and password. 


Workflow that helps you work.

Access all your files using an iPad, iPhone or Android devices. Save files locally to your device for offline use. Using the Foldr app you can store your files on your device for those meetings or classes where you won't have internet connectivity. No more printing and no more memory sticks. Markup and annotate documents. Great for teachers marking work. 


Friendly features.

Accepts files from any App on your device that can share files. Save files from hundreds of apps directly to your school network storage. You can upload to your own home area and other area to which you have been given permission.

Foldr also allows teachers to create short links (fLinks) to files on shared drives. No more having to mail large attachments.

Devices in “Personal” mode can utilise a pin or passcode to protect your sensitive data and documents.


To add an account to the foldr App, you need the Folder address: and then use your school username and password. If you are using your own device then choose Personal in the settings otherwise choose Shared.


Folder on your Computer

Supports HTML5 compliant web browsers to allow for file preview and fLinks. Safari, Chrome, Firefox and IE 11.

Drag & drop file upload right from the desktop.

A unified interface means you can effortlessly switch between desktop and mobile, all without having to re-learn the workflow.


Connecting on your Computer

Use a web browser to go to the URL  login with your school username & password to access your files.

You can also connect to Foldr by mapping it as a network drive...

Using Windows Explorer, select map network drive using the URL 

In Mac OS X you can use Finder with the CMD + K keyboard shortcut and the use the address 

All configured drive shares will be presented via a single drive.