School Email & Office365

To access your school email account, please visit you will need your school email address and password. Your new account has access to 50 Gbytes of email storage (Wow, that is loads of space!) and you can install up to 5 copies of Microsoft Office on computers, phones and tablets.

If you want the link to install the full Office package on your computer please go to and login with your school account.

Want to have your school email on your mobile device*

*If you had it set up before, you will need to delete the account from your device and re-add it. You won't lose the emails they will come back once you re-add the account.


Go to and enter your full school email address, for example: Sam Brown = then tab/click to the password field.

You will be taken to the school's verification portal. You can now enter your password.

Click on SIgn In and you have access to your email.

The grid icon at the top of the screen gives you access to the other features in Office365.

Office 365 is an online office and software plus services suite which offers access to various services and software built around the Microsoft Office platform. Tonbridge Grammar School students and staff are eligible for a free subscription to Office 365 Pro Plus. Tonbridge Grammar School Office 365 is part of the new Campus Agreement which entitles users to the latest version of Microsoft Office.

What is included in my Office 365 account?

With Office 365, you will be able download and install the latest Office suite on up to five computers and on up to five mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. In the future, as part of this service there will also be access to the online versions of the Office applications. Your account also entitles you to 1Tb of OneDrive cloud storage space. To download your copy of Office go to

How long will my account stay active?

For students, the subscription to Office 365 will remain active for as long as you are registered as an active student at Tonbridge Grammar School. For staff, the subscription will remain active for as long as your are employed by Tonbridge Grammar School. After an account has been closed the Office 365 account will be closed and all files stored in OneDrive will no longer be accessible. Please ensure that you copy all your files to another account or storage drive before you leave/finish.

Where can I find out more?

Microsoft's website has full details on Office365 and getting started guides are available at This product is supplied as a free service and the school's IT support team cannot give support.