Happy Christmas baking! And inviting you to the School’s 114th Birthday on 26 January

Birthday 114.jpg

At Tonbridge Grammar School on Saturday 26 January 2019

3pm to 5.30pm (and then to the Vauxhall Inn)

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We would be delighted to see you on Saturday 26 January for our annual alumni celebration, marking the opening of the School in January 1905.

We are going for an informal plan this year, with lots of opportunity to chat and catch up! Tea from the urn and then maybe a saunter down to the Vauxhall for supper. We will confirm arrangements in mid January, depending on numbers and the weather!

Christmas Cake 1959 juliet - Copy.jpg

Chris’ Christmas Cake 1959

If you have not made your Christmas cake yet and you are searching for a recipe, try this one! 

If there is any left, why not bring your ‘school’ cake with you on 26 January!

Born 4 April 1944 Christine Sayers (now Johnson) was a student at TGS between 1955 and 1961 when Miss Arnold was headmistress. Chris first made the cake at school in 1959 when she was in 5th year and she has made it for family and friends every year since then. 

Thank you to TGS alumna Chris for sharing the recipe and to current student Juliet for her graphic design.

Parking If this is your first visit for some years you will need to be aware that the school entrance is at the top of Deakin Leas and parking spaces are few relative to our daily needs. We anticipate sufficient parking for everyone at the event. Disabled parking can be booked on the RSVP.

Photography: We may take photographs at this event that we would like to share with our school community including: school and alumni websites and print publications.

Your data: We look after your data very carefully and hope that you wish to keep in touch. If you would like to unsubscribe from our TGS Connections address list please contact Pippa Blackstone pippablackstone@tgs.kent.sch.uk


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Your Address (and your postcode)
Please give us your address for future alumni and school developments udpates and news and invitations
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