New Pound Coin Revealed

The new pound coin, designed by a fifteen year old, has been revealed by the Royal Mint. The new coin will be released into circulation in 2017, and is said to be the ‘most secure coin in the world’.

The current pound coin was designed around 30 years ago, and now, one in thirty of the pound coins in circulation today are said to be counterfeits. There are 45 million forgeries in exchange at this moment in time.

The new pound coin was drawn by David from Walsall who made a design featuring the four plants associated with the four nations that make up the UK. His design features the leek, thistle, shamrock and rose, coming out of a crown.

The proposed new coin will be roughly the same size as the current one and will be based on the threepenny piece that disappeared after decimalisation in the early 1970s. The new coin will be made in two different colours of metal, not dissimilar to the current £2 coin.

Do you like the new £1 coin? If you had the chance to design a new coin, what would it look like?