Assessment is more than just written work. You will have opportunities to show your understanding in a range of ways. These may include: practical projects and sketchbooks, online assessments, presentations and group displays as well as your general approach to learning.

It is through assessment that you are able to reflect on what you have learnt and to work on areas of development in order to progress. Your level of understanding is checked using a range of different methods, such as continual monitoring by your teachers and peer assessment with other members of your class. Likewise, achievements are celebrated and clear targets are set to outline the next steps. Commendations are rewarded for demonstration of the IB Learner Profile attributes which are put towards your house team.

We aim to establish not just what you know, but also how you develop as a learner.

Parents are kept regularly updated with progress reports. There is a consultation evening once a year, and student managers are available to respond to any areas of concern at other times.