Years at TGS: 2014-2016.

School honours: Sixth Form Economics Prize.

Clubs and societies; Music, STEM, sports, performance, etc: Played in many music concerts as part of my IB.

Post school destination: Imperial College London.

Course Studied: Physics with a Year in Europe.

Top memories of your time at TGS?: The day of my last exam and the Year 12 play.

If you studied the IB Diploma, how has this helped in further study/your job?: It gave me a good work ethic, and organisation skills. Mostly, it made me much more self-motivated, which is a huge asset when trying to work at university.

What did TGS 'give' you that has stayed with you throughout your life?: One of the less tangible 'assets' is the linguistic skills. I left with a level 6 at standard level French, but have since gone on to study it as part of my degree. Since TGS, I have spent 8 months in France (5 months in winter of 2017, and 3 months in summer 2018) working to improve my French, none of which would have been possible without the help there.

I left my previous school hating French, and reluctantly chose to continue it at Sixth Form. I'm now studying a course where I will be spending a whole year in Grenoble, France, to further my skills. Speaking and improving my French is honestly, ignore the cringe, something of which I'm very proud. In a more tangible sense, I started writing a diary in TGS, and I've done that every single day since about mid-year 13.

What would you tell someone thinking of studying at TGS?: Changing to TGS was the best decision I made. I look back incredibly well on the school.

Where do you hope to be in 10 years’ time?: Hiking with my brother.

What drives you?: Love of my subject, and a fearlessness of what might go wrong.

Where would we find you on a day off?: Reading or playing guitar.

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?: Motivated, optimistic, energetic.

What one thing would make the world a better place?: Greater collective consciousness.

The most inspirational place you've been?: Mt Whitney, USA.

What makes you smile?: Hiking.

Favourite book of all time?: Industrial Society and its Future, Theodore Kaczynski.

When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?: A farmer.