Years at TGS:  2008-2015.

Course Studied: Higher Level: English, Latin and Theatre Studies. Standard Level: Design Technology, Classical Greek and Roman Studies, Maths Studies.

Post school destination:  Ravensbourne to study Digital Film Production. 

Current or most recent role: VFX Production Assistant at Double Negative Visual Effects.

How did studying the IB Diploma help in your further study/job?: Writing academically at university was no problem due to the amount of essays I had to write in the IB. Studying Latin helped me to understand where some of the basics of storytelling came from, which was incredibly useful for my screenwriting classes at uni. Plus, it means I can keep a level head at my job - Production Assistants where I work need to be incredibly organised and problem solve pretty quickly, which I definitely learnt during the IB. 

What did TGS 'give' you that has stayed with you throughout your life?:  The ability to be so organised that it scares people. 

Where do you hope to be in 10 years’ time?:  Either a VFX Producer working on some of your favourite films, or a writer/director who casts Alexander Skarsgard in everything I do. 

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?:  Organised, bubbly, giggly. 

The most inspirational place you've been?:  Honestly? BFI London Film Festival 2018. I was able to meet my favourite actor, watch an incredible show, and it gave me a drive to write again. 

When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?:  For some reason, I wanted to be a dentist. 

Where would we find you on a day off? I want to say at my desk writing a script or watching the film at the cinema on release day... but it's normally in bed watching Netflix. 

What makes you smile? My boyfriend, and pretty much any film that Alexander Skarsgard has been in.